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WinCVS and single-digit day of month

From: Jacek_Wolski
Subject: WinCVS and single-digit day of month
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 15:10:41 +0100

I am using WinCVS on Win2000 with working directory on Samba (mounted as 
drive Z:) and CVS server on Unix (SunOS).

WinCVS incorrectly shows files (with single-digit day of month of 
modification) as modified e.g.
Tue Sep  2 13:34:32 2003
is shown as modified BUT:
Thu Feb 19 14:23:22 2004
is shown correctly.

When I manually edit the date (in CVS/Entries) replacing space with 0:
Tue Sep 02 13:34:32 2003
the file is correctly shown (i.e. as not modified).

Any ideas of how to solve this problem without modifying CVS or WinCVS?


Jacek Wolski

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