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Re: Branch Tag Deleted, Can it be Re-created?

From: Jenny Lowe
Subject: Re: Branch Tag Deleted, Can it be Re-created?
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 12:54:23 -0800 (PST)

Yes, the 'cvs admin -n' command will work.  I tried it on a couple files.
This is the only branch that is unattached.  Any ideas on how to find the branch revisions not currently attached to a branch tag and reattach them?
Also, what version of CVS will give you warnings when trying to delete a branch?  Would this version have to be on the server or client? 

Derek Robert Price <address@hidden> wrote:
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Jenny Lowe wrote:

> Awhile ago I branched the code. I made a non-branch tag (cvs tag
> nbTag) and a branch tag (cvs tag -b branch10). Development continued
> on both the mainline code and the branched code. Then I accidentally
> deleted the branch tag (cvs -d branch10). I can no longer move to my
> branch (cvs update -r branch10) and check files in. Is there a way to
> get my branch tag back so development can continue in the branch? I
> thought the following command would work: cvs rtag -b -r nbTag
> branch10 but it does nothing other than print the cvs rtag help options.

It can be done with some shell scripting and judicious application of
`cvs admin -n', especially if you have a workspace sitting around that
was checked out from the branch that was deleted. If you don't have a
workspace checked out from the branch, the math can be quite painful and
there's not necessarily an automated way to determine exactly which
revisions the branch tag was removed from, unless maybe this is the only
branch you've ever deleted and you can use a script to search for any
branch revisions not currently attached to a branch tag and reattach it.

If you have a backup of the repository from some time in the past, you
might also be able to use that along with `cvs admin -n' to reattach the
tags to the branches.

In general, restoring branches is a very hard problem. It's much easier
to not delete them in the first place, hence all the warnings a recent
version of CVS will give you when you try.


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