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ssh access to repository via winCVS ,eclipse / error: cvs:command not fo

From: roberto
Subject: ssh access to repository via winCVS ,eclipse / error: cvs:command not found
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 19:22:34 +0100
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Hi !

I´ve set up a cvs repository on a linux server and i am not able to access it via ssh with Eclipse nor with WinCVS. i have ssh access to the server, and i can execute cvs commands without any problem when i am logged in via ssh - on the console. I´ve already set up another server with CVS, and it works perfectly well with Eclipse. Now this time, both Eclipse and WinCVS tell me the same thing when I try to check out a project (or so anything else):

Unknown response received from cvs server: bash: line 1: cvs: command not found

I know that this error message appears when cvs is not available for the user´s shell, but as I said, I can execute any cvs command on the console. So, does anyone know what the problem is ? I´ve installed cvs in another than the default directory, but this shouldn´t be a problem ?
The only difference is that I have NOT set up a user "CVS".
But that shouldn´t be the problem either ?
Anyway, the access is granted, but the commands cannot be executed.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot, adios

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