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RE: Bad repository message

From: Brice Oliver
Subject: RE: Bad repository message
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 18:19:09 -0500

In version 1.10.8 when a bad repository is specified, the server responds
with "I HATE YOU" even though the username and password are correct.

I do not have a more recent version of CVS installed on a UNIX server, but I
just wanted to verify that it actually did respond with the "No Such
Repository" message.

Was this a bug in 1.10.8?

Thanks for the help!

Brice Oliver

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Ontario Systems
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Brice Oliver writes:
> Is it possible for CVS on a UNIX platform to notify the user when the CVS
> repository doesn't exist?

Yes, it works just like CVSNT.

-Larry Jones

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