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Re: Binary release announcements?

From: Andy Jones
Subject: Re: Binary release announcements?
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 08:36:43 +0000

>> Some folks prefer poking themselves in the eye with a dirty old stick
>> too, but that doesn't mean we should encourage their behaviour.
>Except in certain cases, of course -- there are some people that you
>don't *want* to see what's going on.  ;-)

With the greatest of respect, of *course* you don't see why people shouldn't 
compile their own source - you're C programmers!

This is rather like listening to a discussion by marathon runners saying they 
can't understand why everyone doesn't run to work.

For my own part, there are some programs I am comfortable compiling and some I 
most certainly am not.  It so happens that CVS falls in the former category 
(now), but I can certainly sympathise with people who put it in the latter.

At the end of the day, people choose to install binaries for one reason: 
because if the program fails to work, then you know it's nothing you have done. 

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