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RE: CVS Repository On-Line Backup Capability i.e. Hot Backup

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: CVS Repository On-Line Backup Capability i.e. Hot Backup
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 15:46:26 -0800

> From: Schrum, Allan (Allan)
> Since you are recursing over all the directories, you seem to be creating a
> list of files to archive. You can pass a list of files to tar using the "-I"
> option ("-T" for GNU tar, I think). As long as the entry is not a directory,
> it will not recurse yet will preserve the full path name (directory
> hierarchy).

Yes, that's exactly what I implemented in the ksh script.  The list of files
excludes directories to avoid recursion into unlocked child directories and
excludes CVS lock entries in the repository.

The ksh script implementation has no information regarding empty directories
in the tar ball which is the reason for the output script.

> Also, have you thought about using CPIO which takes in filenames
> and does not recurse?
> Tar has a limit on the max length of the filenames it will archive. Cpio
> does not seem to have that limit.
> Both of these methods remove the need to have a script recreate the CVS
> structure because the tar/cpio archive would have that.

No, I haven't considered CPIO but I'm certainly willing to do so.

> Regards,

Many thanks,

> -Allan


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