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Re: cvs server: cannot find pre-commit filer?

From: Courier
Subject: Re: cvs server: cannot find pre-commit filer?
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 12:01:27 -0500 (EST)
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You nail it right on the head. Yes, I got to much pressure this morning
about commitinfo error, thus did not have time send out the clear message
for help.

So after looking at the $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/commitinfo file and see that our
CVSROOT point to /path/precommitinfo file is. Then I make a symblolic link
to it and seem like every things ok after. Also perl and its dependency
are ok. I take care that after.

Thank you to you and Larry Jones for quick responed.


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> Courier <address@hidden> writes:
>> I just upgrade new cvs server and things are going ok for most apart,
>> now
>> I got one error left and need help from you all if you can.
>> The error is: "cvs server: cannot find pre-commit filer
> It is always wise to give an exact cut-n-paste of the error message
> provided. The above error is NOT one that cvs generates. There is no
> 'filer' in any of the error messages.
> The likely error is something closer to:
>     "cannot find pre-commit filter `/path/to/my-pre-commit-script'
> where /path/to/pre-commit/script should be what cvs read from the
> CVSROOT/commitinfo file as pertaining to your repository.
> It should NOT be related to where the lockfile is.
> In a typical setup, I would expect a line like
> my-pre-commit-script to exist in the CVSROOT/checkoutlist file of your
> repository and for your repository to contain a
> CVSROOT/my-pre-commit-script
> file as a result. Further, I would expect CVSROOT/commitinfo might have
> a line like:
> ALL    $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/my-pre-commit-script
> in it (maybe DEFAULT instead of ALL, but something like it).
> Finally, I would make sure that the my-pre-commit-script is both
> executable and contains the pathname to an interpreter that exists if it
> is not a program. That is, #!/usr/bin/perl rather than
> #!/usr/local/bin/perl if it is a perl script and you have the former
> path for perl that works rather than the latter.
>> First: Our cvs server is: Redhat Linux version 9.0
>> cvs version is: cvs-1.11.2-13
>> Second: the old cvs server is Redhat7.1 with cvs version: cvs-1.11-3
>> All I did is upgrade to newer Hardware with newer OS. They both came
>> from
>> Redhat. IS this a bug on new cvs version 1.11.2-13 came with Redhat9.
>> If it is how do I fix it? even work around for now.
>> Any help appreciated.
> Without a better understanding of your configuration, there is no way to
> give you a better answer.
>       Good luck,
>       -- Mark
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