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Re: Product management with CVS

From: Matthew Doar
Subject: Re: Product management with CVS
Date: 09 Feb 2004 08:52:25 -0800

I would not use branches for this, My approach would be to have one
directory for the product files, and then one directory for each



Then use modules (look up ampersand modules) so that you can say

cvs co foo

and foo expands to give you 


Having everything under my_top is useful for later changing the layout
of directories. You do not need to name the main line with a tag.


On Mon, 2004-02-09 at 06:03, address@hidden wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have the following situation which I guess is a basic one, and I
> wonder which usage of CVS is the most appropriate before to take
> actions.
> - I manage a product including mainly java files, + some binaries
> - many projects are (and will be) 'clients' of this product
> - project specific data and files are all gathered in a dedicated
> 'customization' directory.
> I intend to:
> - have the product files on a main trunk
> - have one branch for each client project, with the 'customization'
> directory filled with specific data only in the branch.
> Questions:
> - is this a right way of using branches ? (I read that branches should
> be avoided as much as possible) ?
> - am I obliged to name explicitely the main trunk with a branch name ?
> Any advice or pointer on this topic will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Nicolas.
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