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Re: server flow control option / my sig 11 problem last month

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: server flow control option / my sig 11 problem last month
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 09:24:05 -0500 (EST)

Andy Jones writes [in very long lines]:
> 1) Can anyone clarify what the default is regarding the server flow
> control ./configure option?

It is enabled by default, with a low-water mark of 1M and a high-water
mark of 2M.

> The INSTALL readme seems to say I should either turn it on or turn it
> off, but not what happens if I do neither.

I would have thought the first sentence made that clear:

        If you are building CVS with the server enabled, you can disable
        server flow control...

> 2) Does anyone have an opinion they would like to share regarding the
> effect of this option on the problem I had last month: 
> or
> thereabouts.

None, since it's enabled by default.  Note that flow control only kicks
in *between* files; a file is still sent all at once, no matter how big
it is.

> 3) Can anyone say if this has been recognised as a bug, and whether it
> is still being looked at?  I know Mark Baushke was looking at it at the
> time, but of course he is under no obligation to continue to do so.

As far as I remember, the concensus was that you had run out of
(virtual) memory on the server machine.  CVS does its best to detect
that condition and report it, but there are circumstances were it is
simply impossible to do so.

-Larry Jones

Everything's gotta have rules, rules, rules! -- Calvin

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