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CVS update -j problem with merging directories.

From: Viraj Purang
Subject: CVS update -j problem with merging directories.
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 14:05:36 -0800

I have 2 branches "r56b0" and "r56b0_branch_demo" other than the "main".

"r56b0_branch_demo" was branched off from "r56b0" at tag id : "build15".
"r56b0" is now at a tag level "build20".

I merged 
changes made between "build15" to "build20" 
on "r56b0" 

"cvs update -j r56b0 <top-level-directory>" 
inside the working directory for "r56b0_branch_demo".

The merge seems to be okay for most of the files, 
except the 2 new directories 
which were added to main and "r56b0"  
between "build15" and "build20" tags.

How should I merge these 2 directories also ? 
or just simply add them on the "r56b0_branch_demo" branch ?

Why is this happening ?

Viraj B. Purang

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