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CVS and Eclipse, WSAD

From: Mala T
Subject: CVS and Eclipse, WSAD
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 09:15:13 -0800 (PST)

Hi all

I am trying to setup Eclipse 2.0 (our corporate
standard) and websphere studio(WSAD) as clients for
CVS.All our Servers(solaris) support only ssh2 so we
have to use that as our remote connection method.
Eclipse and WSAD do not support ssh2. I have tried a
ssh2 plug-in found at, but it didn't
work. Using this, I can add the repository location,
but it does not show any data from the repository.
Both with Eclipse 2.1 and WSAD 5, I could make it work
using putty and keys.Without keys, these are not
working.With Eclipse 2.1, I could make it work without
setting up keys using the Plink that comes with
TortoiseCVS as the client, which prompts for a
password instead of putty plink which cannot prompt
for password.

But with eclipse 2.0, none of the methods work.My
question is, has anyone been able to setup Eclipse
2.0/Eclipse 2.1 with CVS using SSH2 and without
setting up keys?If so, can anyone give details?


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