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cvsignore on WinCVS

From: Diego Ribeiro de Andrade
Subject: cvsignore on WinCVS
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 12:23:29 -0200

 Im tring to block files with extensions that I dont want the users send to the repository. I begin trying to block ZIP files.
I created the cvsignore file in CVSROOT.
I doesnt work first time, so I checked in the output Window of WinCVS that it send the -I ! parameter that clear the ignore entryes and send all files to repository. In Import Options in CVS, it has a "Use Default cvsignore" Option that remove the -I ! parameter and make the cvsignore works fine. But I dont see similar options for the operations of add files. And I see it dowsne work for me because the users will not mark that option for theirselves, because they want to send the craps to the repositry.
How can I block files that I dont want the users send to the repoitory? Im using WinCVS 1.3.13b and CVS 1.11.11.

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