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Re: CVS with SMB/Winbind Authentication

From: Steve McIntyre
Subject: Re: CVS with SMB/Winbind Authentication
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 14:51:14 +0000
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On Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 01:07:33PM -0500, Dave Morrow wrote:
>Thanks for replying.....the only thing I am seeing in the logs (of
>relevance) is a line in the /var/log/secure
> cvs: password mismatch for adms_nt+morrowd: xxPHiHjG0rmeM vs. x 

Hmmm. That sounds like your auth config is pointing at the shadow
file. Which, in fact, is what your PAM config for cvs below says:

>>auth       required     /lib/security/$ISA/
>>account    required     /lib/security/$ISA/
>>auth       required     /lib/security/
>>account    required     /lib/security/ 

If you change this to something like

auth       sufficient   /lib/security/
auth       required     /lib/security/$ISA/
account    sufficient   /lib/security/ 
account    required     /lib/security/$ISA/

this may well do what you need. In PAM-speak, "required" on all lines
means that _all_ of the lines must succeed. Changing the order to the
new one here will allow an auth to succeed against winbind, or fall
back to pam_unix if it fails.

Let me know how you get on...

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                address@hidden
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And throw away the key
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