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Re: Really a reserved checkout?

From: Mark Cooper
Subject: Re: Really a reserved checkout?
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 16:13:05 +0000

It still amazes me how many people are still unwilling to take the 'leap 
of faith' to the 'concurrent' teamworking methodology which is, after all 
what cvs is all about, and yet for some reason still want to use the tool. 
I suppose it's analogous to riding a bycicle without stabilisers for the 
first time.

It leads me to wonder if there is something missing in the documentation 
or the tool description from the (various) web site(s) that is somehow 
preventing people from understanding what cvs is all about, although I 
can't for the life of me see how anyone could 'miss' it.

Perhaps I'm just too intolerant.

Mark Cooper

address@hidden (Larry Jones)
Sent by: address@hidden
28/02/2003 15:33

        To:     address@hidden (Arun Sundar)
        cc:     address@hidden, address@hidden
        Subject:        Re: Really a reserved checkout?

Arun Sundar writes:
> Is this really possible in CVS. If I edit a file, UNTIL 
> I COMMIT it no one should be able to commit that file.

CVS is the *Concurrent* Versions System.  If that's not what you want,
you're using the wrong tool.

-Larry Jones

Everybody's a slave to routine. -- Calvin

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