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RE: Info-cvs Digest, Vol 3, Issue 42

From: Douglas Finkle
Subject: RE: Info-cvs Digest, Vol 3, Issue 42
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 12:36:55 -0500

Matt, thanks for your response.

> are you saying that they must be checked out to unix format, 
> even on windows machines? then how does Visual Basic compile 
> the source code, since it expects it in CRLF format?

Yes, that is what I am saying.  We have a multi-platform build
environment here. There are basic three phases:
        1. code check out on a master platform (is UNIX)
        2. do platform independent stuff
        3. build platform-specific code (Solaris, HPUX, Windows, etc.)

>From a process perspective it makes sense to have the code checkout
occur on one machine, from a single repository.

But in order for VB, etc. stuff to build the sources need to be 
-kb'ed.... which is much less than optimal for ASCII (mergable) files.

> -kb is used to tell cvs not to presume to know what an 
> end-of-line character should look like. you cannot have this 
> and also do (line-based) merges, since it doesn't know what the 
> end of a line is!

Then what is the point of the cvswrappers MERGE directive?  Clearly,
if diff can be told to try to diff two binary files, then CVS
should be able to diff two files marked -kb if the MERGE directive
so stipulates.

I can, if necessary, create make rules that use the Cygwin toolset
to apply unix2dos, and then again do something similar in a 
commitinfo hook.  Possible, but messy.

And sure, I could also checkout on Windows-- but that too is like
the tail wagging the dog from a multi-platform build env.

The fix should, IMHO, be applied to the server. Maybe this feature 
(cvswrappers MERGE directive) is what CVS developers had intended
to do, but have not yet fully implemented. I wish some of them
would kindly speak up. :-)

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