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Re: Post taginfo script

From: Bob Bowen
Subject: Re: Post taginfo script
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 13:54:37 -0600
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Dan Peterson wrote:
A user has asked the following question (see below).  I don't believe
there's a way to do what he wants, but thought I'd check to make sure.

I was trying to use tag info to report changes to a particular tag and
what files it changes. It works well except for the fact that it
reinvokes the script for every single directory that it recurses. This
as you can imagine would generate a lot of e-mails on a big directory
tree structure. Do you know of a way to accomplish this same task with
only one invocation.

For example on the verifymsg, I wanted to also find out what files were
commited so I was able to just change the commitinfo to cache a file of
changes that were being commited for a user and then since verifymsg
get's invoked last it would use that cached file and send out an
e-mail. Is there anything that can be done like this for taginfo maybe a
file that will always get invoked last and only once? Any help would
greatly be appreciated.

My solution for this was kind of kludgy, but it works....

On the first invocation, at the same time you begin caching the data for all the subsequent invocations, you schedule a task using 'at now+2minutes' (or whatever interval you need to make sure all the server processing is completed). Then the real work is done by the scheduled process once all the data is collected.

I found that I had to use an indirect invocation mechanism like this because the server waits for *all* its children and just putting things in the background wasn't good enough.


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