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Re: modules confusion?

From: Michiel Meeuwissen
Subject: Re: modules confusion?
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 10:51:21 +0100
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Larry Jones <address@hidden> wrote:
> Michiel Meeuwissen writes:
> > 
> > Having checked out 'src' though, and doing a 'cvs update -d -P' in the
> > src directory, all top-level directories are also added to src/org
> > directory:
> That's the way it's always worked.  CVS has no way to know whether a
> "missing" directory is missing because it is new or because you
> explicitly chose not to check it out.  If you ask it to create missing
> directories (-d), then it creates all of them.

Hmm, really? So the 'src/org' directory is considered the same as the
'root' because one of the 'root' directories was put with 'modules' -d

The other thing is that 'old checkouts' seem to work better. So, I
searched for a difference and finally found one:

In the 'old checkout':

src/org$ cat CVS/Repository 

In the new one:

src/org$ cat CVS/Repository 

Which does seem to explain it indeed. So, how to check-out or change
modules that there appears CVSROOT/Emptydir in this case again?


mihxil'  Michiel Meeuwissen 
Mediapark C101 Hilversum  
+31 (0)35 6772979

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