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Re: read-only anonymous

From: Johannes Grødem
Subject: Re: read-only anonymous
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 03:46:25 +0100
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* Kevin Turner <address@hidden>:

> [...] Seems easy enough, but then I looked at that inetd.conf line
> again and saw the word "root".  Neither one draws any attention to
> this at all, but "run as root" is definitely *not* one of my
> requirements for "read-only anonymous".

I've set up a CVS server using OpenBSD's anoncvssh-scheme.  Have a
look at their pages for how to set up anoncvs in a chroot-jail.  (The
instructions are OpenBSD-specific, but it works fine on FreeBSD, which
I run it on.  Not sure about Linux.)

Also, I made a patch against CVS 1.11.5 to incorporate the
readonlyfs-changes from OpenBSD's version of CVS.

It's at .
No guarantees, though.  (This works by simply not doing any locking,
though, and maybe that isn't what you want.)

Johannes Grødem <OpenPGP: 5055654C>

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