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RE: Migrating from VSS

From: Shankar Unni
Subject: RE: Migrating from VSS
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 10:38:42 -0800

> By using watches i can know is there any body editing 
> that file at that time.
> Is there any other way of achieving the same thing 

Depends on what you mean by "editing". If someone just does a "cvs
update" and brings up the file in a binary editor (Word or whatever),
there's no way to prevent that. Remember that unlike other
version-control packages, there's no explicit "start editing" step in
CVS before you start editing a file - at most, you have to do a "chmod
+w" on the file.

The "cvs edit" command is more of a notification to others of an
intention to edit. The whole "watch"/"edit" system is there for
*cooperating* developers to notify each other using explicit commands
that they are working on files. One person does a "cvs edit", and that
notifiers the watchers that the edit is taking place. When they commit,
that sends out another watch notification.

You can set "strict locking" on individual files (cvs admin -L), and
make people do an explicit "cvs admin -l" before doing a commit (does
this - "cvs admin -l" - trigger a watch notification?), I suppose, and
that gives you some of the locking functionality that you're looking

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