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RE: Commit inconsistency: Up-to-date check did not fail though it sho ul

From: Ludvig Borgne
Subject: RE: Commit inconsistency: Up-to-date check did not fail though it sho uld have !
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 09:41:25 +0100

> > - User B commits his changes to p, without first updating 
> his working copy.
> > Against all expectations, user B succeeds to commit even 
> though his working
> > copy is not up to date, leading to an unstable latest 
> version of the project
> > in the repository.
> User B is an idiot for not performing a commit over the entire tree
> which is affected by his change, and for having unrealistic
> expectations on what a single-file commit ought to do.
> Just go to the highest relevant directory and type ``cvs ci'' with no
> arguments, or at most a -m to specify the message.

Hmm, this is interesting. I have always been (and still am) of the
opinion that one should always commit individual files, and never ever
do a 'cvs commit' on the top level of a module. Why? Because top level
commits usually create poor log messages (same for all files), and
because it makes it far too easy to commit files that you have just
made temporary modifications to (e.g. changing a make file to compile
with debug flags) that you really don't want to commit at all.
Oh well, I guess I must be a total idiot then...


Ludvig Borgne,  Prover Technology AB,  address@hidden,

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