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Help Required

From: Amit Sharma
Subject: Help Required
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 15:02:36 +0530

Hi All,
        I have one query related to CVS & Linux access permissions and
wanted to discuss with you all. whenever user log on CVS It parses the
password file and treat the user as system user as mentioned after his
encrypted password 

and the folder access are 
drwxrwx---    6 cvsadmin per1         4096 Oct  1 09:27 per1
drwxrwx---    6 cvsadmin per2      4096 Oct  1 09:27  per2
drwxrwx---    6 cvsadmin per3       4096 Oct  1 09:27  per3

Now my query is how would it be possible for one user of per1 to have
read-only access to access on per2 and other per1 users don't have the
access to per2. Because as if i modify the permissions for per1 to 774 all
users of per1 & per3 would also have the access to per1 code(Read only)

Is there any other ways for access restriction in CVS so that I can set the
folder permissions as we are doing it for Visual Source Safe.


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