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a question on permissions

From: Isaac Claymore
Subject: a question on permissions
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 13:44:58 +0800
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Hi, CVS folks.

I guess my question is somewhat more about filesystems than CVS, but I
think you guys may have had similar problems.

There're 10 members of my team, and they're in the group devp. $CVSROOT
is thus owned by group devp, so that every team member gets read/write
access to the repository. Meanwhile, ViewCVS and our backup daemon
demand read access, so I had to grant read access to all others(and
of course execute access of those directories).

This means that everyone not in the group devp can get our sources by
simply running tar over $CVSROOT(there're many users on the server
who're not among the group). Since we're not doing open source
projects, this'd be a very serious problem.

I'm using ext3, and I guess ext3 ACL support of 2.5.x kernels will
solve this with ease, but I can't just sit waiting for that to appear
in a stable kernel.

Any hint or suggestion is greatly appreciated.



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