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Re: Do people use the CVSROOT/modules file?

From: James Stalker
Subject: Re: Do people use the CVSROOT/modules file?
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 15:59:03 +0000
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On Thu, Feb 13, 2003 at 09:40:55AM -0500, Tom Copeland wrote:
> I had never so much as looked at it until one of my users did a "cvs co
> -c" and came up empty.  So I wrote a Bash script to populate the file
> with the current modules - I had to use a script because I've got ~15
> repositories and ~50 modules :-)
> Anyhow, does anyone else use CVSROOT/modules?  

Yes, but not for the purpose of making cvs co -c work...  I find it
extremely useful for creating named sets of modules.  We have a number
of different "models" of a complex code-heavy website, which share
common code but may differ in config files, static content, etc.  If the
files are split appropriately you can use the CVSROOT/modules file to
build named sets which correspond to each of the different builds of the site.


web_common      -a perl modules
perl            -d perl common-web/perl
modules         -d modules common-web/modules

web_one         -a conf_one utils_one
utils_one       -d utils int_web/utils
conf_one        -d conf int_web/conf

web_two         -a conf_two utils_two
utils_two       -d utils ext_web/utils
conf_two        -d conf ext_web/conf

site-one        -d .  &web_common &web_one
site-two        -d .  &web_common &web_two

A "cvs co site-one" gets you the common modules plus some from the int_web
module.  "co site-two" gets you the common modules again plus a different
set of utils and conf files.


James Stalker
Ensembl Web Project Leader -

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