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Re: CvsZilla

From: Riechers, Matthew W
Subject: Re: CvsZilla
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 14:57:49 -0500

> I did and I got this, and i think it's ok, even if there is a ? that i don't 
> understand 
> athena:~/cvszilla/CVSROOT# cvs update
> cvs update: Updating .
> M commitinfo
> M loginfo
> ? .verifymsg.swp
> cvs update: Updating CVSROOT
> U CVSROOT/commitinfo
> U CVSROOT/loginfo
> U CVSROOT/taginfo
> U CVSROOT/verifymsg

'?' means the file is not controlled or ignored by CVS. In this case,
I'm guessing that it's a temp file created by your text editor. You can
add *.swp to CVSROOT/cvsignore to prevent CVS from listing this in the
future, if you really want it ignored.

> cvs commit: Rebuilding administrative file database
> athena:~/cvszilla/CVSROOT# 

Looks like it worked; from a system-level POV, I would strongly suggest
you use a normal user, not root, to do CVS operations.


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