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Re: Finding which tags exist without checking-out

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Finding which tags exist without checking-out
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 11:02:42 -0800

Reinstein, Shlomo <address@hidden> writes:

> We're using CVS 1.10.7. This probably means that the rlog implementation
> changed in a newer version, even though my version says this command is
> deprecated.

In cvs 1.9 'cvs log' as an internal command was introduced rather than
using the external RCS 'rlog' program (which is why 'cvs rlog' had been
given that name originally). 

When rCVS client/server was introduced, there was a desire to use 'cvs
rlog' as a remote command. However, a number of releases had to go by
allowing 'cvs rlog' to still work because of things like GNU Emacs 19.34
distributing a version of VC that used it. So, for a time 'cvs rlog'
was marked as 'deprecated' rather than changed to its new purpose.

As you have seen, in cvs 1.10.7 'cvs log' and 'cvs rlog' were still
synonymous and 'rlog' was only deprecated to allow for its use as a
remote command in a future release.

In cvs 1.11.1 'cvs rlog' became a client/server command different from
the 'cvs log' command.

> Since I am really not interested in anything but the tags themselves, is
> there something like "rstatus -v", or do I have to get all the log
> information and filter it (like you show below)?

I am not aware of anything that does this. You would need to write such
a command yourself.

        Good luck,
        -- Mark

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