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How to admin deep hierachy directories

From: Charles Sun
Subject: How to admin deep hierachy directories
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 11:31:54 +0800

I have a tool that generates many new files and folders in my working area.
These files shall be CVS controlled.

For example, my working area looks like:

Project_folder --- folderA --- subfolderA1 --- fileA1.1
                -- folderB --- subfolderB1 --- fileB1.1

After running my tool, it becomes:

Project_folder --- folderA --- subfolderA1 --- fileA1.1(updated)
                            -- subfolderA2 --- fileA2.1
                -- folderB --- subfolderB1 --- fileB1.1
                                            -- fileB1.2
                -- folderC --- fileC.1

I don't want to find and add each new files and folders one by one. What is
the easiest way to maintain my working area?

I want to add a symbolic link in my working area.  Can CVS keep this and
distribute it to other co-developers?


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