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User variable (Expert question)

From: Sylvain Lemieux
Subject: User variable (Expert question)
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 10:16:11 -0500

Hi all,

I need the help of a CVS expert that could help solving the following

I have built a program to check commit and have people provide an
acceptance code when they commit there modification.
To do so, I am using a user variable in the commitinfo file to pass the
extra information. Here is the line I have in my commitinfo.
DEFAULT /serv/CVSROOT/commitcheck ${=COMMITCODE}

If I use the following command line:

cvs -s COMMITCODE=12345 commit

Then ${=COMMITCODE} will be replaced by 12345 and passed as an extra

However, if people do cvs commit, the variable is left undefined and my
commitcheck program isn't called, which create a flaw in my attempt to
restrict commit. This is real problem for me as people are exploiting
that flaw to bypass the commit security.
Is there a way to ensure my program is call even is the variable is
Any help will be appreciated!

Sylvain Lemieux, ing.
PCI Geomatics Inc. (The french connection)
On ne peut tomber que si l'on essaie de marcher
Every rain cloud has a silver lining

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