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Re: Experiences with cvstrac and ultimately pserver protocol

From: Karl-König Königsson
Subject: Re: Experiences with cvstrac and ultimately pserver protocol
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 15:23:22 +0100
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Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:

Yes, its documentation is still very bad. Nevertheless CVSTrac is a
really excellent tool when it comes to performance and tight CVS and
bug-tracking integration. For your problem (if docs would have existed
;-) the solution would have been to disable the writing of "passwd" and
"writers" files in the "Setup" dialog. CVSTrac then operates in a full
read-only and non-destructive way.
Which I of course noticed when I after this mishap retraced my steps on a different system.

Could I be so blunt and suggest that this option is "off" by default, instead of "on". It could be a good thing for prospective new users without limiting the usefulness of the program.

   Karl-Koenig Koenigsson

POGES (pl.n.) The lumps of dry powder that remain after cooking a packet soup. (The Meaning of Liff, Douglas Adams)

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