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Re: Problem connecting to remote repo from wincvs

From: Gagneet Singh
Subject: Re: Problem connecting to remote repo from wincvs
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 19:59:52 +0530

Hi Daniel!

I think the problem is that the machine you are using does not have a host
name defined for it. also, it might not be visible over the network. There
are two remedies for this problem as far as I can see. Please correct me if
someone thinks I am wrong.

1. You need to define a host name for your CVS server. From what I made out
you are working on a Linux System. This can be done by running the 'neat'
aplication from console or if you do not have graphics then you need to edit
the network settings file. And set the host name for the machine. I think
this file should be someplace where the DNS name or 'bind' files are

2. Configure samba for your machine and set the host name in the samba
configuration file. This is in the /etc/samba directory if red hat
distribution has been installed. It might vary for other distributions.

Any problems, please do get back.


> ------------------------------
> Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2003 16:31:23 -0600
> From: Daniel Hurtubise <address@hidden>
> To: CVS-II Discussion Mailing List <address@hidden>
> Subject: Problem connecting to remote repo from wincvs
> Message-ID: <address@hidden>
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> I'm trying to get this to work and I'm getting an error from the client.
> WinCVS login returns an error. The following error is reported:
> Cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/usr/local/cvsroot login
> Cvs [login aborted]: connect to failed: No
> connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
> I'm running CVS version:
> address@hidden cvs version
> Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.1p1 (client/server)
> I configured the cvspserver service on the Linux server (RH7.3) as:
> service cvspserver
> {
>         socket_type = stream
>         protocol        = tcp
>         disable         = no
>         wait            = no
>         user            = root
>         passenv         =
>         server          = /usr/local/bin/cvs
>         server_args     = -f --allow-root=/usr/local/cvsroot pserver
> }
> I updated config file to look for the user in the system password file. I
> restarted xinetd.
> Cvspserver is defined in /etc/services with port 2401.
> Please, what am I missing?
> Daniel.

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