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NEWBIE:Question about branching.

From: David Bowring
Subject: NEWBIE:Question about branching.
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 13:00:22 -0000


I am fairly new to CVS, I've been using it in a basic form for a few
weeks now, that's about it.
Here is my problem:

I have software which is used for a number of different countries, they
are very similar maybe a few different features and functions for each
country.  For example: I will have software for UK, Europe and
The European and Australian software will be based on the latest UK code
with a few additions to some files.  

---CVSROOT---| UKSoft_1.0 |---| UKSoft_1.1 |---|
                    |                           *
                    |                             * (MERGE FROM UK)

                ---| AUSSoft_1.0 |---| AUSSoft_1.1 |---| 
                    |                              *(MERGED FROM LATEST
                    ---| EURSoft_1.0 |---| EURSofy_1.1 |---|

This is how I see it.  The country variations will never be merged with
the trunk (UKSoft) but the additions to th UKSoft will always exist in
the others.

Can anyone give me any advice on creating and managing such a structure
and foresite of any pitfalls.

Best regards


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