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Re: NEWBIE: Multiple source directories in a single project?

Subject: Re: NEWBIE: Multiple source directories in a single project?
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2003 16:54:15 -0500

Matthew, thank you for writing. I don't think I'm clear in expressing the 
problem, because I'm so new to CVS and it's terminology.

The 'home' directory isn't derived from the 'htdocs' directory, or vise-versa. 
The 'home' directory contains some perl scripts and procmail recipes to deal 
with sending and receiving mail. The 'htdocs' files are .html and PHP scripts 
to implement a web-based emailing system. Files in either place could be 

Someone else just wrote to me with an answer to my other posting, which 
contained an example which is probably more familiar to programmers. How would 
I use CVS to organized a project called "prds" which had source code in 
/usr/local/src/prds and documentation in /usr/share/docs/prds and library files 
in /var/lib/prds? If I can understand this, I can probably translate it to my 

Thanks, again, for your thoughts and suggestions.

-Kevin Zembower

>> "Riechers, Matthew W" <address@hidden> 02/05/03 04:43PM >>>
> I have a project, called 'prds' which has two separate source code
> directories, /home/prds and /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/prds. What's the
> best way to handle this in CVS? Should I enter the separate
> directories as if they were two separate projects? I was hoping to
> set it up so that it was handled as a single entity.

If you can better characterize the relationship between the two source
trees, you may find a better answer, but for now I'll consider the
relationship to be like the difference between the CVS version of a
project tree and a "release" version.

If the "htdocs" version is built from the "home" version, then you need
to put the "home" (or source) tree into CVS, along with whatever creates
the "htdocs" version; the you can generate the "htdocs" version from the
CVS source.


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