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NEWBIE: Using CVS to track SQL database structures?

Subject: NEWBIE: Using CVS to track SQL database structures?
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2003 16:19:57 -0500

I'm trying to implement my first project in CVS. In addition to source code 
files, part of the project involves changes and updates to both the data and 
the structure of tables in MySQL. Is there a way to include MySQL structures 
and data, either together or separately, in a CVS project? For instance, if a 
table was modified to add an additional field, could that change be tracked? 
What if both the table structure changed and some rows were added? Could both 
of these changes be included in a CVS project? What if just the changes to the 
table structures was important, and I wanted to just discard any changes to the 
data rows?

I tried searching on either "SQL" or "database" in both the archives of this 
list and the FAQ, but came up empty.

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.

-Kevin Zembower

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