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Trying to locate an error

From: Tomas Sanchez Romani
Subject: Trying to locate an error
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 21:13:48 +0100


Newly subscribed and here is my problem:

I'm trying to get started using cvs on savannah, as a developer.

I succeded in init-ing the web-cvs part late one morning, but when I woke up I 
couldn't do it again.

I use winCVS and Putty and execute the following command:

cvs -z3 address@hidden:/webcvs co c:/apache/htdocs/cage-web/

i get the following error:

cvs checkout: CVSROOT "address@hidden:/webcvs" must be an absolute pathname
cvs [checkout aborted]: Bad CVSROOT.

please help, I've allready tried to get help over at savannah, but I can't seem 
to get help over there.

regards, tomas

ps. sounded a little that they are lousy over there, they are not. I've gotten 
help very quick but it really didn't help ;-)

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