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Re: New email address

From: Riley Williams
Subject: Re: New email address
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 00:19:27 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Brian.

>>> Brian Behlendorf tells me that Collab Net will be supporting the
>>> bandwidth and hardware for for an indefinite period.

>> Are you sure of this? As of yesterday morning, I've been unable to
>> get to either by web or cvs pserver, so as far as I can
>> tell, it's already dead...

> The server is definitely up - we moved it to a new network location
> on Friday and had some resulting routing issues, causing some hefty
> downtime then, but it should be back up. If you get a clearer idea
> of in what way the system is "down" for you (DNS won't resolve or
> goes to an older IP address, IP address can't be reached, IP address
> is reachable but connectivity is poor, or IP address connectivity is
> good but nothing's listening on port 80) then let me know and I'll
> look at it.

When I had a look for it on Sunday morning, I found the following
mappings (from memory):

Both were 127.0.0.* addresses, and neither was valid - the only valid
127.* addresses here are and !!!

I've just tried again, and see the following mapping at the moment:

I'm not sure whether there should be two IP's for the cvs server, but I
see two in response to the `host` command here, although
only one shows up to `host` at this time.

Based on that, I've just done `cvs update -d -P` from the directory I
downloaded the CVS tree to, and get...

===8<=== CUT ===>8===

$ cvs update -d -P
cvs [update aborted]: connect to
        failed: connection refused

===8<=== CUT ===>8===

...which is the same message, but with an IP address that is at least
valid - the previous one was not. In case it helps, I've enclosed a
traceroute to when it selected that IP...

> CollabNet will continue to support the CVS community and codebase by
> hosting for the indefinite future. The bandwidth load
> is pretty modest, we're OK on hardware allocations, so it's not a
> problem. Derek's indicated a willingness to continue administering
> it, which I definitely appreciate.

That I'm certainly glad to hear.

> These economic times are very tough, and last week CollabNet had to
> let some very valuable people go, including Derek. He assisted us
> tremendously with some pretty deep CVS problems, much of the results
> of which ended up as contributions back (on CVS and other projects
> as well). If any of you are using CVS in demanding situations and
> looking to hire a guru, I would recommend him highly.

If I was in a position to do so, I'm sure I would. Ufortunately, I'm
also the possessor of far too much free time, for similar reasons :(

Best wishes from Riley.

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