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more weirdness with wincvs and cvs

From: Christine & Freight
Subject: more weirdness with wincvs and cvs
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 02:57:33 GMT

Hi All~

A couple of days ago a developer and I noticed the following weirdness with
WinCVS and CVS.

He was using WinCVS to check in his files.  Once checked in, about 1/2 hour
later I went to my sandbox and ran an update on a Unix box to pick up his
changes.   But, my update failed to pick up his changes.  As an example, CVS
was insisting that version 1.7 of a file was the latest when 1.9 (he had
checked in multiple versions) really was.  When I removed the directory and
re-checked it out, CVS saw the light and gave me the proper versions of the

Any ideas as to what might have caused this?


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