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Wincvs and cvs problem after daylight savings time change??

From: Michael Howes
Subject: Wincvs and cvs problem after daylight savings time change??
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 01:05:00 GMT

 I have  a strange problem.

 I use BOTH the command line version of cvs and wincvs (I like some of the
features in both). I've been using both for a while now just fine. What I
often do is cvs update -d from the command line but do commits from wincvs.

 Afer the time change something is strange between the two (command line and

 If I cvs update from the command line, then wincvs thinks ALL files are
dirty (marking the icon red).
 If I look in the CVS directory and the Entries file the time seems 1 hour
off. As soon as I do something like, Status selection from Wincvs it says
the status is Up-to-date and it changes the date of the entry by 1 hour and
doesn't think the file is dirty.

 I've tripple checked the time on the cvs server machine and the client

 I'm using the most recent version of cvs command line and wincvs
beta 5

 any ideas who getting the time wrong and from where?


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