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Locked files

From: Sasha Case
Subject: Locked files
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 07:12:14 +1000


We've recently moved over from plain rcs to a cvs based system. Our rcs system was somewhat mismanaged, so long forgotten locked files keep popping up. The problem is that the previous admin set artificial LOGNAMEs, so the users can't unlock the files in cvs.

One solution is for the user to checkin the files through rcs, and then to copy over the rcs ,v file into the repository. Is there a more elegant solution?

We're using cvs ntserver and authenticating users with the domain accounts.

Thanks for any hints


Sasha Case
Development Engineer, Clarity EQ Pty Ltd
Tel: +61-2-9905-6277, Fax: +62-2-9905-8066
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