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Large files vs. memory allocation

From: Andrzej_Michalec
Subject: Large files vs. memory allocation
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 16:57:00 +0200

     My work team uses CVS to software development but now other multimedia
group needs a tool to coordinate their work.  We consider use CVS as a
temporary storage for shared large files. Then, after some period in
project life cycle, finished parts will be moved to storage like streamer
     I know that CVS is not designed to hold binary files - so maybe there
is more convinient tool for doing this.
     Now here is only one problem - CVS client before sending file/files to
CVS server loads it/them into memory.  This is dangerous especially for
large files. On workstation it causes state of low virtual memory up to
force OS to permanently frozen state.
     I suppose that this loading into memory is needed by zlib compression
library used by CVS.  But if I decide not to use any compression is there
any way to change this behavior? Maybe some changes in source code? I did
an inspection of cvs source code, but it is too big and too mixed for me to
do that.

Any suggestions?

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