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From: gabriel rosenkoetter
Subject: #cvs.lock
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 15:55:09 -0400
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cvs(1) in its FILES section mentions the #cvs.lock file as existing
when cvs is doing sensitive modifications to the source repository.
The same section also directs one to cvs(5) for more information on
cvs supporting files, but cvs(5) only discusses the CVSROOT files.

My question is, if I have an automated process that needs to muck
with the repository files without running into cvs inconveniently,
is it enough to touch #cvs.lock, or need there be some specific
information in this file?

Yes, I am aware of the dangers of changing repository files by means
other than cvs other than CVS itself. Yes, I should (and probably
will) use cvs admin to do what I'm doing. I just want to understand
what's going on with #cvs.lock.

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