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renaming a branch?

From: Keith Hearn
Subject: renaming a branch?
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 18:13:14 -0700

Is there a decent way to rename a branch? 

We'd like to have our branches named BR_<version>, such as BR_1_0 for
maintenance of the 1.0 release, BR_1_1 for the 1.1 release, etc.
Unfortunately, we created a BR_1_0 branch a while back, and later decided it
was too early for making the branch so we merged everything from it back
into the trunk. The branch is still there, it's just an unused dead end
(like an abandoned railroad spur going off into the weeds...). We're now
approaching the point when we really should create a branch for the 1.0
release. I'd really like to use BR_1_0 as the branch tag, but I don't think
I can if there is already a branch with that name.

I suspect that I can do something like using find and sed to change every
occurrence of "BR_1_0" in the repository to "old_1_0", but I'm wondering if
someone knows a better way?

If not, would it work to just do the above find/sed hack?

  Thanks for any help you can offer,

    Keith Hearn

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