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Re: The CVSROOT field

From: Philip Lijnzaad
Subject: Re: The CVSROOT field
Date: 19 Oct 2001 14:16:24 +0100

> "
> It should be something like address@hidden:/cvsroot.
> Never enter the ":pserver:" or ":kserver:" directly, use the radio buttons
> instead.
> "

> I don't really understand that, do I have to create an environment variable
> that contains the path to CVS ? 

no, to the repository; it might be on any machine on the Internet. 
I think this kind of path only works for machines that you log in to (prolly
a Unix machine). 

> What "address@hidden" stands for ?

username 'alexp', loggging in to machine '' to gain access to
the CVS repository on that machine that is to be found in directory /cvsroot
(there might be several repositories on that machine).

I'm sure you can access local disks containing repositories; though I don't
know how to do this under M$ os's.  Under Unix, CVSROOT sould contain the
path to the repository.

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