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Re: CVS and rsh questions

From: Rob Dreeke
Subject: Re: CVS and rsh questions
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 19:49:12 GMT

Hi Paddy,

Hope this helps -

rsh is just one method by which your client machine can communicate with the
server hosting the remote repository. rsh just allows you to execute a
command (in this case, cvs commands) on your server without actually logging
into the server. Any command output is directed to your client machine. If
your client is a NT machine, rsh is most likely installed, although the rsh
daemon is probably not. Try issuing the rsh command from a dos prompt.

Using  ":ext:" as the method in your CVSROOT, lets you specify an alternate
command for invoking rsh (e.g. remsh), because 'rsh' may be the command for
restricted shell on some machines.

rshd is the rsh (remote shell) daemon running on your server. There are
usually restrictions by the server machine with regards to rsh. This is
configurable on your server (you may need to set up/edit a .rhosts file on
the server). Usually, in your CVSROOT, you specify the address@hidden So,
rsh connects to the remote host with that user account. That user account on
the remote machine must grant access to the local user (i.e. the id that
you're using to log into the client machine).


"Paddy T" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> Hi
> I have a question regarding how CVS works.
> How is CVS dependent on rsh?On some client machines
> here,cvs client-server works fine even though rsh is
> not installed on that machine.(Unix server-NT/win 98
> clients)It says in the manual that for :server
> method,CVS uses rsh.So how does CVS work on those
> machines?Can someone tell the difference between
> internal and external rsh client?
> And sometimes,some people get the error
> "Cannot login as local user "xxx" and remote user
> "xxx" ;permission denied by rshd"
> What is rshd?
> They get it suddenly;once a guy committed something
> and at the next commit immediately afterwards,he got
> this error.It went away just as suddenly after
> rebooting the machine.What causes this error?I checked
> the CVS/Root file/s;nothing copied from another work
> space or like that.
> I will be thankful to anyone who can clarify these
> questions.
> TIA,
> Paddy Thomas
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