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The CVSROOT field

From: Jean-Marc Molina
Subject: The CVSROOT field
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 14:00:23 +0200


Well I am using VSS from Microsoft and I want to try
CVS. So I installed WinCVS and CVS. I launched WinCVS
and it asks me for a "The CVSROOT field". The documentation
help is:
It should be something like address@hidden:/cvsroot.
Never enter the ":pserver:" or ":kserver:" directly, use the radio buttons

I don't really understand that, do I have to create an environment variable
that contains the path to CVS ? What "address@hidden" stands for ?

CVS is located in: c:\cvs (with the cvs.exe file)
I am under Windows 2000 Pro.

    Thanks for your help,

Jean-Marc Molina - Outlook Express
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