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Re: CVS and Delphi

From: Duncan Sommerville
Subject: Re: CVS and Delphi
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 20:24:24 +0100


I'm currently involved in writing a CVS client-component in Delphi, and fully
intend to use it to manage all our (predominantly) Delphi source-code. So far so
good, and I've found absolutely no reason why CVS wouldn't be appropriate. Do 
intend to use WinCVS to handle the canonical line-feed conversions, or are you
thinking of having the CVS server on a Window's platform?

I'm also a little unsure about what your query is WRT linking your
versions-of-components with versions-of-source-code. I'm guessing that you're
talking about linking the *internal* version-number that Delphi provides in
Project|Options|Release (?) to the CVS tag used to group the set of files

If so, I'm not sure (sorry), but I would guess that the version-number is stored
in the project file (*.dpr?), so maybe you could write a simple script to parse
the project-file and perform a "tag" operation based on it...

I have been spending the majority of today identifying Delphi's (version 6.0)
different types of files, so I can default which files to ignore during a 
"import", and which one's to import as binary.

So far I've got the following list:

  - *.pas  ->  Normal text
  - *.bpl  ->  Binary to be ignored
  - *.cfg  ->  Normal text
  - *.dcu  ->  Binary to be ignored
  - *.dcp  ->  Binary to be ignored
  - *.dcr  ->  Binary
  - *.ddp  ->  Normal text
  - *.dfm  ->  Normal text
  - *.dof  ->  Normal text
  - *.dpr  ->  Normal text
  - *.dsk  ->  Binary
  - *.mps  ->  Normal text
  - *.mpt  ->  Binary (ignore?)
  - *.res  ->  Binary

Delphi also creates backup files all over the place which are identified as
"*.~xxx", which I ignore.

Kind regards,

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