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Re: branch-naming

From: Pierre Asselin
Subject: Re: branch-naming
Date: 17 Oct 2001 18:21:58 -0500

"Gianni Mariani" <address@hidden> writes:

>If you go to the repository and run this :
>You probably should back up your repository before doing this ...

>       rcs -nNEWTAG:OLDTAG (on every RCS file that contains OLDTAG)

>then this will create an alias (NEWTAG) for you.

If this works, you can save yourself some trouble by using cvs admin.
It will run the rcs command on all the files for you.

However, I suspect that the above command will only make NEWTAG
a synonym for the *tip* of branch OLDTAG.  If that's true, your only
recourse is to edit the ,v files !  Use a sed or perl script.
Double-backup that repository !

Pierre Asselin
Westminster, Colorado

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