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RE: Help! Implementing Bi-Directional Merges

From: Nesbitt, Steve
Subject: RE: Help! Implementing Bi-Directional Merges
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 09:11:23 -0700


> It may occasionally be useful to do this to recover from an
> unusual situation, but as an ongoing part of your development
> process, it'd be extremely dangerous!

Thanks for pointing out what I missed - that prior to replacing HEAD with the contents of a branch I need to make sure that the branch is up-to-date with respect to HEAD - i.e. all HEAD changes have been incorporated into DEV. So the process is:

- cut off all activity in the target module
- merge the current state of HEAD to the target branch
- Copy the branch sandbox into the HEAD sandbox.

Note there are still some problems  - specifically with new files created on the branch and existing files deleted on the branch.

Bottom line, it is ugly no matter how you cut it, and there is no easy solution <sigh>


Steve Nesbitt
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