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Re: committing alias modules

From: Brooke Smith
Subject: Re: committing alias modules
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 07:22:56 GMT

Hi Larry,

Thanks for the reply.  I've been meaning to get back to this issue but
have been weighed down with other concerns.  Anyway ...

For my problem/setup, having rtag is appreciated.  Pity there isn't a
'rcommit'!  I still can't see why not.  Sometimes people want to think
and work outside of the square.

I thought about adopting a 'translate' module as you suggest and may
consider it later, but at the moment I will be doing things this way:

Setup alias modules like this:
translate -a xpp tk ....
postciti -a postciti tk ...
postloep -a postloep tk ...

Where I can "cvs co translate", "cvs rtag TAGNAME translate", "cvs
export -r TAGNAME translate" but would have to manually commit with "cvs
ci" to check everything or work out from the aliases what to commit. 
And I'll be maintaining the no-project base directory setup (so that I
have a common structure in the development, production and cvs
repository environments).

So in all the time between me posting the original question and writing
this reponse I have changed nothing.  I've learnt alot though.

One reference I came across (thanks Dan) is this which others may find
useful (The reason I didn't follow this is that it would have had to
have created a 'project' base directory - NOTE that I tried '-d .' but
that didn't work):

See number 7.

To tell you the truth, I will be considering a project base directory
setup (a complete back flip I know).  I didn't want to implement that at
the moment as it will requiring structuring and managing things

I'd be interested to know how everyone else has set up their

Cheers and thanks everyone (sometimes trying to describe a problem helps
you answer it yourself!),


Larry Jones wrote:
> Brooke Smith writes:
> >
> > It seems obvious that commit doesn't work with module alias files -
> > commit must only work with files and directories in the current working
> > directory.
> Exactly.  "checkout" and the various r* commands are the only CVS
> commands that work on modules -- all the other commands work on checked-
> out files and/or directories.
> > So do I have to say:
> >
> > bsmith$ cvs ci xpp tk
> Yes.  Or you can change your module definition so that those directories
> get created as subdirectories of a "translate" directory, which would
> probably make your life easier.
> -Larry Jones
> ...That would be pretty cool, if they weren't out to kill me. -- Calvin

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