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Is it a good idea to use CVS for this??

From: prhodes
Subject: Is it a good idea to use CVS for this??
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 12:18:29 -0400

Hello all, I have been having an interesting discussion with a co-worker,
and am looking for some additional thoughts.   My organization is just
adopting CVS, and source code management.  ( don't even ask how we did it
in the past, you don't wanna know ).   Anyway, we have been discussing
exactly what to store in CVS, and some details as to the who, what, when
were and how, of using CVS.

Well, one coworker has suggested storing the output of the build process (
that is, the final executables, dlls, etc. ) in CVS.  He makes some good
arguments that this stuff should be archived, which I agree with.  But, I
have some reservations about putting it in CVS.  I can't however, put my
finger on exactly why I think CVS isn't the best place for this stuff.

So, if anyone could share their thoughts with me, pro or con, I'd highly
appreciate it.  Do any of you store executables in CVS?  What good reasons
exist, if any, for doing this? Conversely, what good reasons, if any, exist
for NOT doing it?


Phillip Rhodes
Application Designer
Voice Data Solutions
919-571-4300 x225

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