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cvs does not find my script files

From: Roni Abusch
Subject: cvs does not find my script files
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 09:40:07 +0200

I tried to add the script that I found in the CVS manual, that suppose to
force the user to enter bugid to their comments. That's what I did:
I put this line in CVSROOT/editinfo:
        ^Test $CVSROOT/cvsscripts/bugid.edit
I put this line in CVSROOT/rcsinfo:
        ^Test    ${CVSROOT}/cvsscripts/bugid.template
The bugid.template is in /home/cvsroot/cvsscripts/bugid.template and looks
like that:
The bugid.edit is in /home/cvsroot/cvsscripts/bugid.edit and looks like
        #       bugid.edit filename
        #  Call $EDITOR on FILENAME, and verify that the
        #  resulting file contains a valid bugid on the first
        #  line.
        if [ "x$EDITOR" = "x" ]; then EDITOR=vi; fi
        if [ "x$CVSEDITOR" = "x" ]; then CVSEDITOR=$EDITOR; fi
        $CVSEDITOR $1
        until head -1|grep '^BugId:[ ]*[0-9][0-9]*$' < $1
        do  echo -n  "No BugId found.  Edit again? ([y]/n)"
            read ans
            case ${ans} in
                n*) exit 1;;
            $CVSEDITOR $1

It suppose to work I think, but when I try to commit my changes into the
Test project, they are not committed and I get the following message:
        cvs commit: cannot exec /home/cvsroot/cvsscripts/bugid.edit: No such
file or directory
        cvs [commit aborted]: Logfile verification failed

Can someone please tell me what did I do wrong?

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