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CVS behind a firewall.

From: Tarun Garg
Subject: CVS behind a firewall.
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 19:25:01 +0530

I am trying to access a cvs repository on the net ( lets say
from a linux machine.
The cvs client is version 1.10.8 ( bash is 2.04).

We use a proxy server ( SQUID) and a firewall ( ipchains).

now whenever I try to access a repository using pserver, I get a timeout.
The port number 2401 is open at our end.
We opened up all the ports once and tried to connect. I could connect at
that time. The client was using port number 1759 at our end. We opened up
that too.
Still it doesn't work.

I've tried repository access with via SSH. It works.

Does the cvs client randomly pick up ports at the client end ( in case of
Can I specify the port to be used at the client side ?
Or is there something wrong with our firewalling ( or proxy) software?
Is there something wrong with my understanding/expectation ?

any help/pointers would be appreciated.


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